What we do

Kalina Power is focused on the industrialisation of the Kalina Cycle® Technology through project ownership, and Turnkey power solutions with a focus on two separate regions, being Asia and the rest of the world.

Kalina Power will focus on the rest of World marketplace and manage the Company’s IP and knowhow and will be specifically focused on building commercial relationships with global companies for the design of installations, procurement of the necessary materials and to build the plants, with the objective of achieving rapid growth of the technology. The partnerships will enable the Company to offer turnkey Kalina plants as an integral component of projects. It is anticipated that Kalina Power will work collaboratively with major industry partners to provide specialised engineering and IP development opportunities.

New Energy Asia (NEA) is focussed on the commercialisation of the Kalina Cycle® in Asian Territories. Kalina Power owns 75% of NEA alongside local partners. Key to the growth of NEA is the first Kalina Cycle plant in China, the Sinopec Hainan 4MWe Kalina Cycle® plant.

Industrial Waste Heat

Waste Heat to Power (WHP) – Recycling energy.

WHP is the process of recycling discarded heat from industrial processes and power generation facilities to generate electrical power. Energy intensive industries such as petrochemical, cement, steel and glass making and power generation facilities, such as coal fired power stations, make up a majority of waste heat opportunities. Kalina Power’s Kalina Cycle®  is the most efficient way to capture low to mid temperature waste heat & transform it into power.

Renewable Heat

Geothermal and solar thermal - harnessing the earths energy.

Harnessing low to mid temperature renewable heat is a major under-utilised global source of energy. Kalina Cycle Technology has been proven the most efficient to turn low to mid temperature heat into power in a variety of renewable heat applications. Geothermal resources are reservoirs of hot water that exist below the earths surface.


Virtual Tour of the 3.4MWe Kalina Cycle Geothermal Power plant in Unterhaching, Germany

Video Walkthrough of the plant and 3D animation of key elements for Kalina Cycle Closed Loop System.

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Directors and Senior Management

Mr Ross MacLachlan
Executive Director

Mr. MacLachlan has been involved in technology development and commercialization as an active venture capital investor and executive for over 30 years. He has worked and invested with technology companies in a range of industries especially those in the conventional and alternative energy sectors. A strong competency in corporate finance, business development and the strategic management of developing companies; including intellectual property management and technology commercialization.

Mr. MacLachlan has been a frequent speaker and panel participant relating to public policy and development of the cleantech industry, providing advice to provincial and federal governments in Canada.

He is a member of the BC Cleantech CEO Alliance and has served on the boards of both:

Appointed 26 June 2015

Mr Timothy Horgan
Executive Director

Mr Horgan is a qualified lawyer and business executive with over 20 years experience in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Mr Horgan practiced law with Minter Ellison in Australia before moving to London where he acted as Counsel for S & P 100 Company, The Gillette Company. He sat on Gillette’s Africa, Middle East and Europe Operational Committee overseeing annual sales in excess of USD 1.2 Billion.

Mr Horgan also has extensive licensing experience having overseen the acquisition and licensing of the 2002 and 2006 FIFA world cup broadcast rights for over USD 1 billion.

Mr Horgan has acted as founder, director and advisor to numerous Mining and Energy Companies. His recent experience includes listing South African Coal Company Universal Coal Plc on the ASX and Hungarian Energy Company, Wildhorse Energy PLC, on AIM.

Mr Horgan has extensive experience in China including with Gillette, South China Resources Plc and more recently in advising Kalahari Minerals on its USD 1 billion takeover by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Corp (CGNPC).

Mr. John Byrne

Mr. Byrne has over 30 years’ experience in the natural resources industry as an investor and resource business developer. During the past 10 years Mr. Byrne has founded and built a number of companies from the ground up, including from development through to production. In this period he has been instrumental as either CEO or Executive Chairman in overseeing the building of 6 coal mines (in Canada, the US and the UK) along with 3 wash plants, totaling in excess of $500 million of expenditure. Until May 2010 Mr. Byrne was Chairman of Western Coal Corporation, a global coal producer. Since retiring from Western Coal Corporation, Mr. Byrne is now concentrated on identifying projects in and solutions to a number of sustainability issues that exist in the world today.

Appointed 8 May 2009.

Dr. Malcolm Jacques
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Non-Executive Director

Dr Jacques is an independent energy consultant, focusing on the Renewable and Clean Energy sectors, with special emphasis on technical and regulatory issues associated with the integration of distributed and renewable energy sources into existing power grids. Dr Jacques maintains close working relationships with policy makers, regulators, financial organizations and consultants in the energy sectors in Europe and the USA.

Dr Jacques’ international career has embraced research, development and implementation of numerous energy technologies in both the public and private sectors. He has worked with several well-known companies and organizations including BP Ventures (UK), The Energy Laboratory, MIT (Cambridge, USA), Strategic Research Foundation (Australia) and has played key roles in the establishment and management of public and private energy technology companies in Australia and North America.

Appointed 2 March 2010

Mark Mirolli

Mark Mirolli is Chief Technology Officer and head of engineering and technical support staff. Holding a chemical engineering degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a mechanical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Mr. Mirolli has had over 25 years experience in thermal power generation system design and construction.

Formerly the director of Technology Development for ABB Combustion Engineering, Mr. Mirolli was responsible for ABB's R&D engineering functions relating to utility steam generation technology. He has authored over 25 major published papers on advanced power plant design and operations, he is a widely regarded thermal power expert and one of the original minds behind the development and commercialization of fluidized bed boiler technology.