How does Kalina Power generate revenue?

Kalina Power seeks to maximise shareholder value by delivering energy recycling and renewable power generation to its customers. Kalina Power’s competitive advantage is its core proprietary technology, the Kalina Cycle®, and the emphasis on providing a fully integrated and tailored service. Our core models are build, own, operate (long-term electricity sales) and providing turnkey services for clean and efficient energy projects as well as licensing our technology to strategic partners.

In addition to long-term electricity sales, Kalina Power also generates revenues from Kalina Cycle® strategic alliances and, engineering services.

What is the Kalina Cycle®?

The Kalina Cycle® is a highly efficient power cycle that transforms heat into power, the Kalina Cycle® utilises an ammonia-water mixture as a working fluid to improve system efficiency and provide more flexibility in various operating conditions. The Kalina Cycle® can improve power plant efficiency by 10% to 50% over the Rankine and Organic Rankine Cycle depending on the application. As plant operating temperatures are lowered, the relative gain of the Kalina Cycle® increases in comparison with the Rankin and Organic Rankine Cycle.

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Where can the Kalina Cycle® be deployed?

The Kalina Cycle® is applicable to over 75% of the world’s power generation market. By virtues of its high efficiency and ability to track a wide range of heat sources, the Kalina Cycle® can be deployed over a wide variety of heavy industry and renewable applications.

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Does Kalina Power focus on any particular region?

Kalina Power’s project development is a global business. Kalina Power is not restricted in its geographical development, however there is particular focus on regions where there are rising electricity prices, energy security issues and government mandates supporting energy efficiency are evident.

Where is Kalina Power quoted and how do I buy shares?

Kalina Power is quoted on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:KPO). In order to buy shares, you need to contact a stockbroker or share-dealing service. Share dealing services may be telephone, postal or Internet based and commission rates can vary considerably.

I have changed address and have Kalina Power shares, who do I notify?

You should notify Computershare Investor Services Limited either by telephone, by filling in and posting a change of address form, or by writing and confirming your full name, your old address and your new address.

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How does Kalina Power generate revenue?

The Core Income Streams are anticipated to flow from: