Zero Emissions Kalina Cycle power plant provider delivering increased value to projects in Waste Heat to Power and Renewable power.


Virtual Tour of the 3.4MWe Kalina Cycle Geothermal Power plant in Unterhaching, Germany

Video Walkthrough of the plant and 3D animation of key elements for Kalina Cycle Closed Loop System.

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KALiNA Power is a highly innovative Cleantech company that is deploying the KALiNA Cycle®, a superior and proven zero emissions technology, throughout the world.

KALiNA Power is developing multiple Combined Cycle Power Plants in Alberta, Canada using the KALiNA Cycle technology as the bottoming Cycle. The Company aims to establish a profitable business in Alberta as a platform to deploy the KALiNA Cycle® to international markets and become a major player in the global waste heat to power market.

KALiNA’s project development teams in North America and Asia have a combined 150 years’ experience and an impressive track record delivering projects that collectively deliver 8GW of power.

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