An international Kalina Cycle power plant provider which delivers increased value to power projects in the current global boom in energy efficiency and renewable power.


Virtual Tour of the 3.4MWe Kalina Cycle Geothermal Power plant in Unterhaching, Germany

Video Walkthrough of the plant and 3D animation of key elements for Kalina Cycle Closed Loop System.

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Kalina Power is a power company focussed on delivering value to its stakeholders through ownership of the Kalina Cycle® Technology.

The Kalina Cycle® Technology utilises waste heat generated from industrial processes, such as petrochemical, steel or cement making, to produce electricity to supplement the purchased power requirements of the manufacturing facilities, thereby reducing the plant’s overall operational costs.

The technology can also be used to generate power from renewable energy sources such as geothermal and solar thermal.

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Latest Annual report

Kalina Power Annual report to Shareholders 2021

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Virtual Emerging Energy & Clean Tech Seminar
12 October 2021

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22 September 2021

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28 April 2021

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9 December 2020

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10 November 2020

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